Tanzania today is experiencing a construction boom due to the changing economic times. The projects are of an unprecedented scale. Our lawyers are well vast with the Property and Conveyancing Law. They possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in aspects of property law they can therefore face the challenges of such major projects. We advise on property acquisition and development and further prepare the requisite instruments to necessitate the acquisition.

We also prepare the necessary documentation for transfer of immovable properties and register Mortgages and Charges in favor of our clients. In addition, we provide advice on real estate matters and we litigate in respect of all property-related matters including expropriation matters. In summary the areas of practice under this head include: Real Estate acquisitions and sale of property, Construction contracts, project management, Consultancy agreements, Mortgages/charges, Land regulations governing acquisitions and sale of properties, Land registries and allotments, Change of land use, Due diligence and preparation of title search reports, Regulatory laws including those relating to licenses and approvals, Property tax and other taxes on real estate, Preparation and registration of Transfers, Representation in Court of Alternative Dispute, Resolution in case of real estate and Preparation of Leases, Grants, Tenancy Agreements.

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