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Obtaining Work and Residence Permits for Foreigners in Tanzania

A resident permit is a legal document that permits a foreigner to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania. Meanwhile, Work permits allow foreigners to work or engage in business activities in Tanzania.

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Obtaining Visas and Short-Term Passes in Tanzania

A visa is an official document issued by the government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the immigration department that allows an individual applicant to enter, stay, or transit within Tanzania for a specified short period and purpose.

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A Must File of Returns After Registration of Business Entity in Tanzania

All business entities in Tanzania are required to file tax returns to the Commissioner of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) according to Section 91 of the Income Tax Act R.E 2019 and Section 46 of the Tax Administration Act R.E 2019

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Key Aspects of the New 2023 Companies (Beneficial Ownership) Regulations

Explore the significant changes brought about by Kenya's new 2023 Companies (Beneficial Ownership) Regulations. From expanded definitions to distinct filing requirements, discover how these regulations redefine beneficial ownership in Tanzania and the implications for businesses. Stay informed and compliant in the evolving regulatory landscape.

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ISSUANCE OF LICENSE FOR TOURISM BUSINESS IN ZANZIBAR Introduction Zanzibar is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Africa and the world at large. Recently, the travel magazine named Zanzibar as a top destination for those seeking relaxation and pleasure during the 2023 summer. It is in this regard, the Commission for Tourism is working [...]


THE CONTROL OF TRANSFER PRICING IN TANZANIA Transfer Pricing as a concept is about transferring and/or manipulation of price which leads to tax avoidance in a transaction with the aim of reduction of tax liability. The price that is involved in these sorts of transactions is referred to as “Transfer price” as it is the [...]

The legal and procedural requirement for establishing mineral trading and export operations in Tanzania

THE LEGAL AND PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ESTABLISHING MINERAL TRADING AND EXPORT OPERATIONS IN TANZANIA The United Republic of Tanzania has legal authority over any mining activities and minerals found on, in, or beneath Tanzanian continental soil. Some of the minerals found in Tanzania include gemstones, gold, silver and copper. Any person with valid mineral rights [...]

Notice on Dissolution of Non-Governmental Organizations in Tanzania

NOTICE ON DISSOLUTION OF NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS IN TANZANIA. On the 24th of January 2023, the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups (MOHCDGEC) issued a notice to the public on the dissolution of 4,898 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) pursuant to Section 7(1)(e) of the Non-Governmental Organization Act CAP 56 of the laws of Tanzania. [...]

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