Forensics and Compliance

Integrity is at the core of contemporary business and this means not only doing what is legal, but also doing what is right. As regulatory enforcement and public intolerance of corporate delinquency escalates, Cymbell Attorneys helps you strengthen your integrity and compliance frameworks. And, should violations occur or allegations of fraud or corruption arise, the team helps you respond quickly to safeguard your organization. Our firm, works with corporate bodies to review and improve their compliance programs, and ensure that the right governance and compliance structures are in place to prevent violations of regulations and laws that may result into facing high stake litigations, arbitration proceedings and compliance investigations by regulators.

In relation to forensics investigations, our firm deploys diverse forensic accounting and investigative skills as well as appropriate technologies and modeling expertise to identify, collate and analyze information and data in order to reconstruct the underlying transaction and resolve complex financial transactions. This culminates in the reports of our findings, which, inter alia, reconstructs and offers insights on how the impugned transactions or activities were carried out. Moreover, whenever necessary, we are always able to testify on our findings including testifying in court as expert witnesses.

Through forensic data analytics and Discovery technologies, we can review large volumes of data to achieve regulatory compliance, and provide the deep insights necessary to develop specific programs that align with a company’s business. At Cymbell Attorneys forensics and investigative services are grouped into three categories:-

Preventive Measures: The preventive measures include Professional design and implementation of fraud risk management strategies, Reviewing and structuring pre-emptive compliance programs, Fraud risk assessment of internal policies and structures to identify potential weaknesses in risk management, Forensic accounting analyses, Drafting appropriate anti-corruption policies, codes of conduct and procedures, Conducting anti-corruption and awareness training, Developing and implementing corporate governance best practice.

Curative Measures: These include Dealing with and advising on employment related forensic issues, conducting independent and privileged internal forensic investigations into suspected wrongdoing, managing corruption exposure by giving recommendations on resolving any wrongdoing, and advising on neutralizing associated reputational risks, Investigating statutory, regulatory and policy breaches.

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