Labour and Employment Law

The firm advises its clients on the legal aspects of employment and labor law to ensure full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions. Our vibrant team ensures that our Client’s human resources policies and procedures comply with the changing legislative requirements to avoid loss of productivity and profitability and possible negative publicity.

Our team also advises clients on labor implications of mergers and acquisitions on the employees. This includes advice on terms of appointment and conditions of service, transfer, layoff, retrenchment, discharge or dismissal of employees and structuring of voluntary retirement schemes, employee stock options etc.

We provide practical, realistic advice designed to give our clients the commercial edge, with special focus on:

  • Compliance with regulations in relation to record keeping and other privacy issues including staff training
  • Interpreting and developing employment contracts and other agreements.
  • Delivering training programs in all employments law areas
  • Quickly getting to the heart of disputes with employees, negotiating on behalf of our clients and focusing on a speedy resolution that is acceptable to all parties.
  • Drafting employee policies and business by-laws
  • Drafting ethical and code of conducts for employees
  • Conflict Management in matters relating to Employer/ Employee rights, salary and overtime disputes, discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination claims, leave and retirement claims and retrenchment.
  • Conducting trainings to human resource personnel to ensure they are conversant with the law.
  • Employment and engagement of non-citizens in the country (Immigration Law).

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